Your home isn’t just the place where you live. It’s your comfort zone, your personal headquarters, and that small corner of the universe that’s yours. You invest a lot of yourself in your home to elevate your quality of life and improve your comfort. 

Unfortunately, a lot of that investment can go to waste when you lose power. Suddenly, your home is vulnerable in ways you might not expect, and the resulting damages can really set you back.

With a generator installation, you can keep your investment safe. Blackouts can be a thing of the past, little more than a mild nuisance in the back of your mind. 

This article will discuss five important reasons you should consider a backup generator for your home.

  • Maintain Comfort Levels

When the power goes out, one of the first things you’ll notice is a drop in air quality. Your HVAC system will come to a stop immediately, cutting off airflow throughout the home. 

Air will become stagnant, and your home will quickly heat up or cool down, depending on the season. This can be very uncomfortable in either summer or winter and potentially dangerous in some climates.

With a backup generator, you can keep your HVAC system humming away, circulating air throughout your home. Not only will you keep the lights on, but you can also stay cozy during the harshest weather. 

  • Prevent Frozen Pipes

Imagine going to sleep in a nice warm bed and waking up in an icebox. Your muscles are stiff, you’re shivering, and the lights won’t turn on. If the power goes out during the winter, the cold will set in quickly. 

Temperatures inside will drop, and you’ll be scavenging for all of the blankets in your home. Worse still, if your heater stays off long enough, your pipes will start to freeze. If your pipes freeze, they could eventually burst, and the repairs will be expensive.

If you’ve invested in a backup generator installation, you can sleep peacefully knowing you have a plan to keep your home safe.

  • Keep Food Fresh

One of the most worrying things about blackouts is wondering how long they will last. There’s always a hush that falls over the home as devices and appliances power down, leaving you wondering when regular functionality will return. 

If a blackout happens, hopefully, it doesn’t last long. Most don’t. However, if you regularly stock up on perishables, your refrigerator might be quite full, leading to large amounts of spoilage should the power be out for too long.

Without power, food will last in your refrigerator for about 4 hours if you refrain from opening it. Your freezer will preserve food for about 48 hours if you leave the door closed. 

Beyond that, the risk of spoiling accelerates. However, if you have a reliable backup generator installation, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can keep your refrigerator running for as long as you need.

  • Work Through a Blackout

For better or worse, the world has changed and now, more than ever, people are working from home. That means more people are relying on the ongoing functionality of their homes to make a living. 

If you are working in this manner, you need to maintain power and an active connection to the internet. When the power goes out, you’re essentially locked out of your work. Even if you can continue working on battery power, you might not be able to submit work, and that’s a problem.

With a backup generator installation, you don’t have to be at the mercy of the power grid. You can keep on working without interruption to your workflow and keep your income secure.

  • Prevent a Basement Flooding

You’re most likely to lose power during a bad storm, which means you’re likely to get hit with heavy rainfall at the same time. If your home is prone to flooding, you know what’s about to happen. 

You might have a system of sump pumps and drainage systems in your basement ready to redirect the flow of water, but that won’t help you if the worst happens and you lose power.

Your sump pumps won’t work without a constant flow of electricity, rendering them essentially useless. When that happens and water enters your basement, it will begin to flood. 

This can cause extensive water damage, potential hefty repairs, and lost belongings. Instead of worrying about that, you can get a generator installation to keep your sump pump systems running through the worst of weather.

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