Ceiling fans are a great way to save money on AC while keeping the cooling. And with Central Texas hitting warmer temperatures, now is the time to find the best ceiling fan for your home. However, owners of a ceiling fan must be aware of the common problems it can face. As beneficial as ceiling fans can be, they are not without their faults.

So, what are some problems your ceiling fan can have? Salt Light & Electric is here to answer! Below are 5 common ceiling fan problems, along with their possible causes.

1. Ceiling Fan’s Light is Flickering

For ceiling fans with light fixtures, it’s common to run into the occasional flickering bulb. Most of the time, this simply lets you know the bulb is burning out and should be replaced. However, this isn’t the only cause.

A flickering bulb on the ceiling fan could also indicate a loose connection with either the bulb or fixture. And a more severe cause of flickering lights is voltage fluctuation. This happens when other appliances or devices are requiring a higher electrical load, thus drawing it from other circuits. If your ceiling fan light is flickering when you run the washing machine or use another appliance, then the issue may be voltage fluctuation. If this happens, you’ll need to contact Salt Light & Electric for further consultation.

2. Ceiling Fan is Wobbly

Multiple factors can contribute to a wobbly ceiling fan. The most common case is a loose or bent connection, which can occur in the blade brackets, box screws, down rod, or any connected part. After some time, these connections can lose some grip, making the ceiling fan wobble when the blades are moving.

3. Ceiling Fan is Noisy

It’s normal to have a little noise come from a ceiling fan, but when the sound gets too noticeable, there may be a problem. Too much noise can be another sign of loose connections in the fan, fixture, or box. Looser parts clank together as the fan rotates, which can cause some noise.

The problem can also be your ceiling fan’s ball bearings, which are what rotates the blades. If they are not lubricated or cleaned properly, then there is more resistance which can lead to a rubbing or grinding sound.

4. Ceiling Fan Stuck on One Speed

Ceiling fans can get stuck on one-speed setting, or only blow a small amount of air. One cause of this is if the ball bearings are not cleaned or lubricated. But this issue can also mean a defect with your ceiling fan. Problems such as an overheating motor or a failing capacitator can result in a ceiling fan being stuck on one speed.

5. Ceiling Fan Doesn’t Turn On

If your ceiling fan isn’t turning on, then it may not be receiving electricity properly. This can mean the circuit breaker is turned off or has tripped, so it’s best to check your panel first. Other causes are loose wiring and connections. Ceiling fans also may not work due to internal defects such as an overheated motor or shot ball bearings.

If you own a ceiling fan, you must be aware of the common ceiling fan problems that can happen. And if your ceiling fan requires repairs made with an affordable quality, contact Salt Light & Electric today! Contact us at (512) 956-7842 for ceiling fan services from Central Texas’ leading experts.