As we approach Earth Day, you may want to check out some local events celebrating the holiday. These events are created to help make a positive impact on the environment. By participating, you’ll be improving the ecosystem for your Central Texas neighbors.

Salt Light & Electric recommends everyone to go out and involve themselves in an Earth Day event. Below are some festivities located in and around Austin!

Give 5% To Mother Earth

April 20th, 2018

Help protect the environment by participating in Austin’s 9th Annual Give 5% to Mother Earth Campaign. This city-wide fundraiser is held two days before Earth Day and tends to have more than 200 participants. Certain businesses will donate 5% of their sales to a fund which is distributed to programs dedicated to protecting our environment. Spend your time going to these businesses and help make a positive impact on our ecosystem!

Earth Day ATX 2018

April 21st, 2018

At Earth Day ATX 2018, you’ll be experiencing possibly the biggest Earth Day event in Austin. Held at Huston-Tillotson University, this event celebrates the environment and showcases how to “lower our carbon footprint.” Expect to see a wide array of activities including concerts, kid’s events, biking, craft tables, fun exhibits and more! Earth Day ATX also teaches the importance of ecosystem-friendly living options. You can learn about self-sustainable living, alternative energy, lowering energy consumption, and protecting the environment. Don’t miss out on the biggest Earth Day event in Austin!

Earth Day Pop-Up Party

April 22nd, 2018

At the Earth Day Pop-Up Party, you’ll be able to experience nature from growth to harvest! Taking place at The Paper + Craft Pantry, a workshop is converted into a beautiful “plant haven.” This event provides a variety of DIY activities that show how to grow and maintain several different plants. Additionally, there is an “Adopt-a-Plant” program that allows you to even take some home. Complimentary treats and drinks are available, most of which are made from the event’s own plants! This event will also be benefitting a local non-profit organization that focuses on planting new trees in Austin.

Earth Day Recycled Bottle Planting!

April 21st, 2018

At Earth Day Recycled Bottle Planting, you can put your old water bottles to good use! Taking place at the TreeHouse, each person brings a water bottle which is then converted into a soil pot. This DIY pot is then used to grow a plant! This event shows the importance of both recycling and planting and helps put those empty water bottles to good use!

Spend your Earth Day by participating in these environmentally-friendly events! If you would like to further help protect the environment, consider looking at your own energy efficiency. By performing tasks such as cutting back on HVAC and upgrading your lighting to LEDs, you’ll be helping to preserve the ecosystem. For any energy-efficient electrical upgrades, contact Salt Light & Electric for our complete electrical services! Call us at (512) 956-7842 to meet with Central Texas’ leading experts.