Five Reasons You Might Need To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

electrical panel fusesCentral Texas homeowners should know when to upgrade their electrical panel. Electric panels function as the “brain” of your electrical system.

They hold the circuit breakers that distribute power to your switches, outlets and dimmers, as well as provide safety through their tripping mechanism. In short, they are required for your electrical system, and should always be up-to-date.

How to tell if your electrical panel needs an upgrade:

1. Faulty Outlets

When an electrical panel begins to deteriorate, it affects your outlets. Wire from your panel to your outlets can become frayed, or the electric panel may develop a loose connection. Here are some outlet issues that could indicate getting an electrical panel upgrade is needed.

  • Outlets have burn marks
  • Outlets produce a burning smell
  • Outlets feel hot to the touch
  • Outlets deliver a shock

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your outlets, contact Salt Light & Electric immediately for an inspection.

2. Overuse of Extension Cords/Power Strips

Do you have enough outlets in your home? If you find yourself frequently using extension cords, surge protectors, or power strips, you may be due for an electrical panel replacement.

Outdated electrical panels were not wired to meet modern electrical usage. This means less outlets tend to be available in your home. Without enough outlets to use, temporary fixes such as extension cords are used. Do not rely on these fixes as a permanent solution. Chances are you’ll need to schedule an electrical panel replacement.

3. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can stem from many causes, one of which can be your electric panel. When electrical panels can’t supply enough power, larger appliances will overwhelm the panel. This causes other electrical currents to fluctuate, which can lead to flickering lights.

A lack of power could be from a loose connection or faulty wiring in your electrical panel. Another major cause is if the capacity of your panel is unable to handle the electrical load. Regardless, you may need to schedule an upgrade.

4. Circuit Breakers Constantly Tripping

As we described, electric panels come equipped with circuit breakers possessing an ability to trip. Tripping is when a circuit breaker shuts off power when uneven electrical flow is detected. This is used to protect against shock and electrical fires.

If an electric panel is old or outdated, circuit breakers may trip more frequently. This is mostly due to the increased chances of an electrical overload. Electrical overloads happen when too many appliances are plugged into one circuit, exceeding its capacity. This could be from lack of outlets, too many extension cords, or a mixture of the two.

Circuit breakers can also trip due to a loose connection or faulty wiring in your electric panel. If tripping is frequent, an electric panel upgrade may be in order.

Find out more about tripped circuit breakers.

5. You Plan on Remodeling/Installing New Appliances

If you are wanting to improve your home with a new remodel or appliance, you must ensure your electric system can handle it. Whether you plan on purchasing a new refrigerator or upgrading your entire kitchen, contact Salt Light & Electric to inspect your electrical panel and determine the best option.

Don’t be clueless about your electrical panel – use these signs to determine if performing an electrical panel upgrade or replacement may be needed!

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