The solution to better energy efficiency may be closer than you think. In fact, it’s spinning right above you. Ceiling fans play an important role when it comes to energy efficiency. First, they come in versions that guarantee your energy usage is decreased. Opting for Energy Star models with larger blades gives more than 60% efficiency compared to conventional counterparts. These ceiling fans cut down immensely on your utility bill while providing comfort to a larger area.

However, energy efficiency doesn’t stop at finding the right model. Ceiling fans are more than a room essential – they offer energy-saving practices you can utilize year-round. We at Salt Light & Electric value sharing energy-saving practices for Central Texas homeowners. With our knowledge and guidance, you can use ceiling fans to increase energy efficiency and further save money on the utility bill. Thus, we have compiled a list of the energy efficiency benefits of ceiling fans.

Substitutes Constant Air Conditioning

  • Running your air conditioning through the summer almost seems like a necessity, especially for Texas weather, but ceiling fans bring you the same cooling at a lower cost.
  • Air conditioning consumes the most energy in your home, reaching levels as high as a quarter of your total monthly usage.
  • Turning your A/C down 4 degrees or more and using a ceiling fan keeps your body cool while decreasing energy usage.
  • Ceiling fans use an extremely low amount of energy compared to air conditioning, with energy consumption as little as 1% or less than a whole house A/C unit.

Draws Out Cold Air for Warmth

  • Don’t assume your ceiling fan should be avoided for the winter, as it can keep the warmth by reversing rotation.
  • Setting your ceiling fan to rotate in reverse can draw out the cold air in a room, and redistribute the warm air back for your comfort.
  • Most models have a switch on the ceiling that reverses its rotation, often located above the light bulb.
  • By using your ceiling fan to draw out cold air from your room, you can cut down heating usage by about 10% while still keeping the same warmth and comfort.

Offers Specific Room Usage

  • Distributing heating or cooling to the entire house proves wasteful in most cases.
  • A ceiling fan provides comfort in specific areas of a home, and you can turn it off in empty rooms for maximum energy efficiency.

Doesn’t Need to Be Left on

  • Unlike a heater or air conditioner, ceiling fans don’t need time to warm-up or preparation, meaning you can turn them off as soon as you’re done.
  • Additionally, turn off your ceiling fans when you leave your home.
  • Ceiling fans blow air on your skin directly, and don’t change the temperature of the room, leaving little reason to leave them on while you’re gone.

Ceiling fans are an invaluable tool for energy efficiency. If you are ready to switch your ceiling fan to an Energy Star model, or looking to upgrade an existing one, contact Salt Light & Electric today! Being the premier electrical company in Central Texas, expect our ceiling fan services to exceed your expectations and maximize energy efficiency. Give us a call at (512) 956-7842 to schedule an appointment and meet the ceiling fan experts you can trust.

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