A home office should be a sacred place to work and study. However, it should not be a place where energy is overly consumed. Home offices should always have some level of energy efficiency, especially if you plan on working remotely. By wasting energy working in your home office, you’re essentially paying for your own productivity.

The experts at Salt Light & Electric are here to instruct Central Texas homeowners on how to make their home office energy efficient. Check out our comprehensive guide below!

Use a Power Strip

Believe it or not, plugged-in devices can still drain power, even if they’re turned off. This is called “phantom power.” According to the U.S. Department of Energyphantom power accounts anywhere from 5% to 10% of residential energy consumption. To put it in perspective, you lose about $100 a year from simply having your devices and appliances plugged in.

To help remedy this, purchase a power strip to support your home office’s printer, copier, desktop computer, and all other devices.  A power strip costs anywhere from $5-25 and is used to distribute power to more outlets. It also stops phantom power in your home office. Power strips can be conveniently turned off, compared to the hassle of plugging and unplugging every individual device.

Upgrade Bulbs to LEDs

Traditional incandescent light bulbs don’t make the cut when it comes to energy-efficiency. That’s where LED bulbs shine! LED bulbs use very little energy compared to incandescent ones and have the longest lifespan of any other light bulb.

LED bulbs can be fitted on most desk lamps, standing lamps, ceiling fans, and fixtures. Although their initial cost is a little higher than other bulbs, the return is worth the investment.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Running the A/C while you’re in your home office never looks pretty on the utility bill. After all, if you’re working in an enclosed space, why cool down the entire house? Instead, install a ceiling fan in your home office to provide ample cooling at a fraction of the cost.

Ceiling fans use as little as a fifth of the wattage A/C units use. They work perfectly within the smaller boundaries of a home office. More information about the energy-efficiency of ceiling fans can be found here.

Manage Your Computer’s Power

Your computer or laptop isn’t powerless when it comes to energy-efficiency. In fact, it comes equipped with different tools and settings to help cut down on energy usage.

Go to your computer’s power management settings. Put your computer to sleep or shut it down to conserve energy. For your laptop, you can also change your battery settings to have your laptop stop charging after a certain amount when plugged in, stopping excessive power consumption.

Switch to Energy Star Models

The best way to implement energy efficiency in your home office is to have energy efficient equipment. Energy Star certified devices are guaranteed to cut down energy usage without interfering with your productivity. Whether you’ve just started building your home office, or you’re looking to make an upgrade, opt for Energy Star models for maximum energy efficiency.

Make your home office the energy-efficient asset for your Central Texas home! Contact Salt Light & Electric to boost energy-efficiency in your home office. Our ceiling fan services are made to help guarantee optimal cooling at an affordable cost. If you are ready to install a ceiling fan in your home office, give us a call at (512) 956-7842 to get started!