Valentine’s Day should never be a time to worry about the energy bill. After enjoying the romantic holiday, the last thing you want to see are inflated energy costs that seemingly came from nowhere. Instead of purchasing flowers or candy for your loved ones this year, why not show your love by keeping your home more energy efficient – and safe!

A more energy efficient home can be managed with some professional guidance from the electrical experts at Salt Light & Electric! We have come up with some simple tips to help you save more energy – for Valentine’s Day and every day. Any Central Texas homeowner looking to cut down on the utility bill without losing the romance will find these recommendations beneficial.

Best Smart about Appliance Usage

  • Wash clothes in full loads with cold water and increase the spin cycle if possible for decreased energy usage.
  • Before using the dryer, be sure to clean out the lint screen, and set the dryer to automatic dry, which avoids excessive consumption.
  • If possible, avoid the dryer altogether and hang-dry any clothes that allow it.
  • Keep your refrigerator’s temperature between 35-40°F and freezer at 0°F or below for optimal performance.
  • Unplug portable appliances when not in use such as hair dryers, straighteners, and electric shavers.
  • Energy Star certified washersdryers, and refrigeratorsdrastically cut down on energy usage and can be purchased at almost any department store.

Turn Down the Heat, and Light Up the Fireplace

  • Don’t bother using the heater when a fireplace adds romance and warmth to your home!
  • Use an intensive, long-lasting wood such as oak to provide a fire that will remain for hours.
  • A warm fire also works well in building a romantic atmosphere! Consider turning the heater off entirely for a cozy Valentine’s celebration.

Practice Energy Efficient Cooking

  • Choosing to cook at home instead of an expensive restaurant saves immensely on money – and cooking smarter can save you more.
  • Electric skillets, pressure cookers, and slow cookers can all substitute cooking in an oven without losing any of the flavor.
  • If you need to cook in an oven, try cooking multiple items at once to keep usage low.
  • Thaw frozen food the night before to avoid wasting energy defrosting it in the microwave.
  • Energy Star certified cooking appliancesare available to purchase at most department stores and cut down immensely on energy usage.

Dim the Lights for Flameless Candles

  • Candles are a staple for any romantic dinner, as they give the perfect lighting for Valentine’s Day. Consider buying flameless candles – which are safer, less expensive and last far longer than wax.
  • Dimming the lights and placing scented flameless candles around the house offer a romantic vibe while saving energy.
  • Dimmable lights are easy to use and help save energy. If you don’t have them, dimmers are affordable to install – and the experts at Salt Light & Electrician can help with fast and efficient installation.

Saving energy has never been more romantic! If you have any lighting projects or other electrical requests, contact Salt Light & Electric today! Whether you need dimmer installations or extensive electrical services, we have you covered. Give us a call at (512) 956-7842 to schedule an appointment today!

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