While babies can be precious, once they’ve learned to crawl they can also be difficult to control. Babies and toddlers are extremely curious and will try to touch anything they can get their hands on. And unfortunately, your electrical outlets might be their next curiosity. With several electrical outlets in your home being within a baby’s reach, you must take ample safety measures to help ensure your children don’t toy with dangerous electrical currents.

Salt Light & Electric would like to advise Central Texas homeowners on how to baby-proof your outlets. Follow our guide below to help improve electrical safety for your children!

Cover Unused Outlets with Furniture

Albeit a simple solution, covering unused outlets with furniture can provide immense help in baby-proofing your outlets. Simply blocking an outlet using a chair, desk, or stand helps to hide the outlet, as well as made it harder to touch. It’s best to do this on outlets you rarely use. Otherwise, you’re going to be moving furniture a lot! However, we recommend pairing this step with others on this list.

Purchase Plastic Plug Covers

An affordable solution, plastic plug covers only cost a few cents each and can be found at almost any department store. They are small, plug-sized pieces of plastic that are designed to be inserted into the prongs of your two-prong or three-prong outlet. Since plastic is non-conductive, they simply block the holes on a plug, which prevents fingers or objects being inserted. This acts as a formidable way to baby-proof your outlets and can be paired with other steps.

Purchase Outlet Shields/Sliding Covers

When it comes to baby-proofing outlets you use constantly, consider purchasing a cover or shield that surrounds the entire outlet instead of just the plugs. These covers and shields can come in different variants. And while some may require removing when you need to use the outlet, others are built to maintain both safety and functionality.

One example of this is a sliding plate cover. As their name suggests, these covers have sliding plugs that move horizontally. When you want the outlet to work, you simply slide the plugs into position. Otherwise, you can have them slid away from the current.

For outlets that always have something plugged in, such as a TV or lamp, you can purchase plastic locks that essentially encase the outlet in a plastic bubble. This allows electrical items to be plugged into your outlets while still protecting children from interfering with them.

Upgrade Outlets to Tamper-Resistant

Tamper-resistant outlets are a highly-recommended outlet upgrade for those with children. These outlets are equipped with two tiny plastic shutters located inside each plug, which block off the connections to the current. These shutters remain closed at all times, and are only opened when both shutters are pressed down, meaning they still allow appliances to be plugged in. They act as a suitable defense barrier due to their ability to prevent children from tampering with the electrical currents by insertion.

Baby-proof your outlets by following these essential steps. And contact Salt Light & Electricwhen you would like to upgrade to tamper-resistant outlets. Give us call at (512) 956-7842 for quality outlet services from Central Texas’ leading electrical experts.

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