In need of ideas for the best Mother’s Day gift? How about electrical safety! Although the gift may seem unconventional at first, improving mom’s electrical safety is more than a kind present. By practicing the right safety tips, you can improve mom’s home by helping to prevent electrical accidents, circuit breaker trips, and even electrical fires.

While Salt Light & Electric still recommends showering your mom with gifts and food for Mother’s Day, also give her something that lasts year-round: improvements to her electrical safety! Follow these tips below to give mom’s Central Texas home the best Mother’s Day gift!

Examine Mom’s Outlets for Damages

Since electrical outlets are used for almost any appliance or device that requires power, you must inspect each one in mom’s home to help ensure their function.

Identify every electrical outlet in mom’s home. Consider using a notebook or your phone to note their locations. Once you know where her outlets are, check for these signs of damage.

  • Buzzing Sounds Coming from Outlets
  • Outlets Feel Warm to the Touch
  • Shock or Sparks Emit from Outlets
  • Outlets Have Burn Marks or a Burning Smell

Any of these signs can indicate damage to your electrical system. If any of these are present, contact Salt Light & Electric for further consultation.

Test Mom’s GFCIs Once a Month

Speaking of outlets, how are mom’s GFCIs? GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are a type of receptacle designed to protect against electrical shock. GFCI outlets are important to maintaining electrical safety. GFCIs have saved thousands of lives and helped reduce the number of home electrocutions to half of what it was. According to the NEC, they are required to be in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and the outdoors of homes. They are easily identified by the “Test” and “Reset” buttons located between their plugs.

After finding where mom’s GFCIs are located, you’ll need to test them monthly. To test a GFCI, press the “Reset” button and plug in a small electronic, such as a nightlight, into the receptacle. Afterwards, press the “Test” button and if the electronic has turned off, the GFCI is working correctly. Press the “Reset” button to restore the outlet’s power. Perform this test once a month to help maintain mom’s electrical safety.

Maintain Mom’s Smoke and CO Detectors

After maintaining mom’s GFCIs, there’s another critical safety measure to assess: smoke and CO detectors. As their names suggest, smoke detectors notify critical levels of smoke, while CO detectors warn of carbon monoxide. Both are a serious health hazard, with carbon monoxide being particularly deadly due to the gas being invisible and odorless. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure their function.

For a detailed article on how to maintain your smoke and CO detectors, click here.

Have a Professional Inspect Mom’s Electrical System

To help ensure mom’s electrical safety is at peak capacity, you’ll need to have a professional inspect her electrical system. Doing this will allow for a close-up examination of the wiring, circuitry, and connections. Any present issues are identified, along with cost-effective solutions to restore and maintain mom’s electrical system.

Contact Salt Light & Electric to treat your mom with our electrical safety inspection services!

Give your mom the best Mother’s Day gift: electrical safety! And when you are ready to schedule her electrical inspection or have found any issues with her outlets or detectors, contact Salt Light & Electric today! Give us a call at (512) 956-7842 to schedule an electrical safety inspection with Central Texas’ leading electrical experts.